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Official sites for Horicon Marsh
The Federal portion, Horicon National Wildlife Refuge
The state-managed portion of the marsh, Horicon Marsh State Wildlife Area
• There is a Facebook page maintained for Horicon Marsh.

Reporting banded birds
• If you see a banded bird anywhere in the United States, you can report it here.

Whether banding is seen or not, you can also report all sightings of whooping cranes:
Report whooping cranes in the EASTERN U.S. here.
Report whooping cranes in the WESTERN U.S. here.

Private services at Horicon Marsh
• There are seasonal private boat tours through the state area (the Federal area doesn't allow private boats).

The whooping crane reintroduction program
A whooping crane among sandhill cranes near Horicon Marsh, 2012 Whooping cranes are one of the most endangered species in the world, with about 600 alive today, just over 400 of those in the wild. Horicon Marsh became a release site for the birds in 2011. Several organizations are involved in the reintroduction of whooping cranes to Wisconsin, including:

The International Crane Foundation
Operation Migration
The Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership
Patuxent Wildlife Research Center

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