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Currently the address to contact HoriconBirds.com is horiconbirds@gmail.com.

Contact Policy
I truly appreciate readers who take the time to write, and will try to read everything sent to the site's e-mail box. However, I need to find genuine readers' comments among a sea of mass-marketing material sent to the inbox.

Therefore, the contact e-mail address will change periodically, as the longer an e-mail address has been published on the world wide web, the more spammers find it and overwhelm the inbox with junk mail. This is why I've opted for a gmail account instead of something more permanent -- past experience tells me that I'll occasionally need to change the contact e-mail address to throw off the big spam lists. Please check back for the current e-mail address before sending new e-mail, to ensure that your good efforts are sent to the site's most recent address.

Please do not send attachments other than .jpg picture files without checking with me first -- due to the risk of computer viruses (even with good anti-virus software), they may be deleted without notice, or the mail may not be opened.

Reader comments and questions are important to me. I'll try to read e-mail that isn't spam, and will respond to some of the questions. However, due to the quantity of e-mail at times, I can't guarantee that I'll respond to everything received.

Pam Rotella

Passenger Pigeon Sighting Form
If you believe that you've seen a living passenger pigeon, then please copy and paste the form below into an e-mail, and send it to the contact e-mail. If you give permission, the sighting will be posted on the Passenger Pigeon Sightings page.

Feel free to report birds who you thought were passenger pigeons, even if you weren't sure. I believe that all sightings have value. Enough detail is requested here to give readers a good sense of the likelihood, and they can judge for themselves.

Please send the following form via e-mail to:

---------- Start of passenger pigeon sighting report form ----------

Your name (not published):

Your preferred contact e-mail address (not published), so that I can contact you again if needed:

Name as you'd like it to appear on the sightings report page (e.g. first name only, first name and last initial, full name, nickname -- whatever you'd like, keeping in mind that publishing your full name could open you up to being contacted by any member of the press or public):

Permission to post on HoriconBirds.com? (yes/no -- "yes" if you'd like your responses to this form to appear on HoriconBirds.com, and "no" for those who'd like to tell me about the sighting but hold off on putting it on the world wide web):

Date of sighting (approximate dates are fine, even a rough approximation like a month/year or season):

Location of sighting (approximate is OK, or if you'd like to withhold the location because you live there, a general idea of the area is fine, e.g. county/state):

What about this bird leads you to believe it was a passenger pigeon and not a mourning dove or other species?

Describe the sighting, for example the bird's behavior and condition, lighting conditions, and weather (e.g. perched and on what, flying, bathing, eating, how it reacted to you, muddy, etc.)

Was the bird in the company of other birds or animals? If so, do you know the other species?

Do you have a photo of the sighting? (Any condition is OK, even blurry or too far away to prove anything. Also, I can contact you separately to request permission to use any photos -- it's not necessary to delay this report to retrieve photos or include them with this form.):

Is there anything else you'd like the birding community to know about this sighting?

Would you like to share anything about yourself? (e.g. birder for 15 years, novice, photographer, resident, etc.)

---------- End of passenger pigeon sighting report form ----------

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